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Event Company References

Seth Engström is completely outstanding to put it mildly! No one else can impress, entertain & entertain up close or off stage like Seth does! Best in the world world - What else can I say?

- Nisse Bielfeld - CEO of Event City AB

Using Seth on the events we carry out for our customers feels extremely safe, because he always delivers world-class! He is extremely skilled, and his show is always extremely appreciated. He creates a closeness to the audience that is unique, and always becomes the big topic of conversation afterwards. I highly recommend Seth to anyone who wants to raise the bar at their events!
- Henrik Lundqvist - CEO of Springconf AB

We at Enjoy Event have hired Seth several times and it has been a success every time. The customers' response is usually completely lyrical both in his stage presence as well as execution and tricks. I want to say that he is definitely one of the best I have seen during my 7 years in the Event industry. Always in a good mood, he gets the audience with him and you always get good laughs. I highly recommend him for all events and parties.
- Fredrik Friberg, sales manager at Enjoy Event AB

Seth has a magical ability to enchant everyone who meets him. Being able to combine impressive talent and unimaginable skill with humor, charm and humility are abilities that only true world artists possess. Seth is an entertainer at his fingertips regardless of the size of the event and I congratulate everyone who gets the opportunity to experience him live!
- Nina Hjort - Sales Manager at Aveqia AB

We have hired Seth Engström many times for our events and it has always been a success. Seth makes the guests laugh, be amazed and impressed and he makes our event always what our customers expect - simply a Perfect Event.
- Per Djerf - CEO of Perfekt Event AB

Seth Engström assists with magic, both in terms of booking, execution and in conclusion. Should we have a professional event with magic, Seth is the guy we call right away
- Per-Martin Rudham - CEO of Nöjestorget AB

We have hired Seth Engström at several of our events, it has always been a great success! Seth is a secure card that always delivers entertainment in a class of its own. I can really recommend others to work with him! 
- Nicki von Platen - CEO of Organization Unlimited AB

We have used Seth several times with only satisfied customers as a result. Super skilled, well-dressed, and a professional attitude makes it easy to choose Seth over someone else. 
- Calle Gustavsson - CEO of True Entertainment AB

Seth Engström has been hired for several of our events and he has always conjured up a success. He is always appreciated by everyone, no matter what type of audience. Elegant and dexterous magic at its best! I recommend that you hire him for your event!
- Patrik Eriksson - CEO of Imponera AB

Seth always gives us a magical experience when he entertains our guests with his show. World-class entertainment with a sense of closeness and personal participation touches all our participants
- Anders Karlsson - CEO of Spectacular Events AB

We have hired Seth Engström on several occasions and both we and our customers can highly recommend him! He has always delivered to 100% So if we want to have a successful event, we call Seth Engström, the magician with both heart and magical skill.
- Rosita Bolin - Sales Manager at Fantastiska Nöjen AB

Expectations are high today for our entertainers. Therefore, it is a real pleasure to collaborate with Seth Engström - a global entertainer!
- Angelica Albertsson - CEO of albert PRODUCTION AB


For price information, suggestions for arrangements and available dates for possible bookings, please contact Seth on 0708-171111 or via email to or fill in the contact form. Seth always returns within 24 hours. 

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